Smt.Vimala Rangaswamy & Sri D.P. Rangaswamy Dormitory- Inauguration

Sri Ahobila Math

Nutana Gruhapravesam & Vasthu Shanthi Homa

A new modern green airy dormitory complex was constructed in the second floor of the College building with a large hall that could accommodate about 75 students. It is equipped with adequate bathrooms, toilets, lockers, cloth drying and recreational facilities. The new complex was constructed out of the major donation by Sri D.P.Padmanabhan, the Managing Director of M/s Eurocon Tiles, Chennai. The place was dedicated to the memory of the parents of the donor. With the blessings of H H Srimad Azhagiyasingar, the 46th Jeeyar, Gruhapravesam was performed after Vasthu Shanthi Homa. The Dormitory was formally inaugurated by Sri Dr. S. Padmanabhan, Chairman of the Mahavidyalaya and Srikaryam of Sri Ahobila Math. A few photos are appended.

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