Sri Ahobila Math Adarsh Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya

Divya Prabandha & Desika Prabandha

Sri Ahobila Math Adarsh Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya
Veda, Prabandha Course

Duration: 4 years

Divya Prabandham 

Divya Prabandham are 4000 hymns Collect (24 Prabandhams) known as Nalaayira Divya Prabandham in Tamil, sung by 12 Azhvars Saints. 24 Prabandhams are taught and memorised in 4 years 

Desika Prabandham 

Swamy Sri Nigamantha Maha Desikan authored 24 Tamil Prabandhams. These prabandhams are also taught along with 4000 Divya Prabandham.

Mahavidyalaya conducts regular Seminars in the National level as well as State level to benefit the Students.

Self Development

Why Choose Ahobila Math?

This Mahavidyalaya was one of the oldest Institutions teaching Sanskrit in this country. It was established by the peerless preceptor, the 42nd Jeeyar of Sri Ahobila Math, Injimedu Srimad Azhagiyasingar in 1942 to teach Veda, Prabandha, Sastra and Sanskrit, all under one roof, in the traditional Gurukula style with a hostel attached.

 The mission statement of the founder is maintained and nurtured by successive Jeeyars of the Math even to date. The Institution is well administered by Sri Malolan Educational Trust. 

The Institution is recognised by Rashtria Sanskrit Sansthan, New Delhi(now Central Sanskrit University) as Adarsh Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya

The Mahavidyalaya is affiliated to the University of Madras in the faculty of Oriental Studies in the branches of Vyakarana, Nyaya and Visishtadvaita Vedanta and offer courses in Praksiromani I&II( 2years), Madhyamasiromani(B.A-3 years) and Siromani (M.A-2 years).

Self Development

The students have access to a well-equipped Library that contains more than 10000 books, fully catalogued, under 18 categories and  palm leaf Manuscripts. This will ensure to expand their knowledge base. 

Participation in the debates organized by the Kalyana Abhivardhini Sabha, founded by the first Principal Goshtipuram Sri U.Ve.  Sowmya Narayana charya Swami in 1942, improve their knowledge in the  Sanskrit literature 

Participating in National /level competitions and Seminars expose the students to increase their competitive spirit to perform better later in their lives 

A full-fledged Computer Lab with peripherals are at the disposal of the Students to increase their Computer skill. Yoga practice and Sports activities stimulate the brain and physique


Performing strictly their daily ablutions like Trikala Sandhyavandana as mandated in the Sastras and recitation of   Stotras after their Sandhyavandana develop devotion and faith in the Sanatana Dharma.

Learning the essential Veda and Prabandha ensure strong spiritual base for the student to face the problems squarely with equanimity  in their lives.

The learning of essential portions of Scriptures such as Vedas, Agamas, Upanishads, Itihasa, Puranas, Srimad Bhagavad Gita,  essential aspects of Dharma Sastras will have good grounding in their spiritual development.


Krishna Yajur Veda – Age 7 Completed(Duration – 7 Years)

4000 Divya Prabandha – Age 7 Completed(Duration – 4Years)

Praksiromani- 2 years:A pass in SSLC/OSLC/Samhitantam Veda adhyyanam/Agama

Madhyama Siromani (B.A.) 3 years:—-A pass in Praksiromani/Dip in Sanskrit. Even if there is no prior Sanskrit knowledge at the time of admission provided the same is acquired within 6 months of joining. 

Siromani (M.A) 2 years:  A pass in Madhyamasiromani/B.A(Sanskrit)