Sri Ahobila Math Adarsh Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya

A Timeline of important events and milestones

24 June 1942 - Inauguration

Sri Ahobila Math Sanskrit College was inaugurated at the premises of Sri Ahobila Math in Car Street, Madurantakam. Sri U.Ve. V.V. Srinivasa Iyengar, Former Judge, High Court of Madras, presided over the function. Sri U.Ve.Vidvan Tirukkoshtiyur Sowmya Narayanachariar Swamy was appointed as the first Hon. Principal.  Sri U.Ve. Vidvan Maharishi Vasudevachariar swamy was the founder-Manager. There were five Sanskrit teachers and fifteen students.

10 November 1942 - Gruhapravesam

Gruhapravesam for the new premises near Sri Kothandarama’s Temple and the College started functioning here.

13 December 1942 - Inspection

Sri Kunhan Raja, Reader in Sanskrit, University of Madras visited the College for inspection.

14 December 1942 - Kalyana Abivardhini Sabha

The Principal Sri U.Ve. Goshtipuram Swamy started the Kalyana Abivardhini Sabha, a Sanskrit Literary Association to improve the oratorical skills of the Students in Sanskrit,

02 March 1943 - Take charge as Principal

Sri U.Ve. Tirukkoshtiyur Sowmyanarayanacharya Swamy suddenly attained acharyan tiruvadi due to heart attack. Sri Ub.Ve. Vidva Devanarvilagam Lakshmi Narasimhachariar Swamy, who later became the 43rd Srimad Azhagiyasingar of Sri Ahobila Math, took charge as Hon. Principal and continued until 30.06.1944.

30 March 1943 - Added New Branch

Syndicate of the University of Madras granted affiliation to the College in the faculty of Oriental Studies-Siromani courses Branch III Nyaya, and Branch IV Vyakarana with effect from the academic year 1943-44.

04 September 1944 to 01 Augest 1945 - Appoint New Principal

Sri Chettulur Raghavacharya Swamy was appointed Principal till the end of the academic year.

05 July 1945 - Professor to Principal

Sri U.Ve. T. Ramaswamy Iyengar Swamy, M.A.L.T, who was assisting the Manager from the starting of the College, and who was working as Hon. Prof. of Sanskrit &Literature was appointed as Hon. Principal.

15 November 1946 - Endowment

H.H. Injimedu Srimad Azhagiyasingar, the founder, bought 272 Acres of wet-land in Maravathi, a hamlet of Perugavazhundan Village, in Mannargudi Taluk, Tanjore Dt., and set apart for the College under specific Endowment.

30 March 1948 - Construction of quarters

Construction of Staff quarters “Sri Ranga Satakopa Nagar”

01 July 1948 - Swamy gifted books

Sri U.Ve. Kurichy Srinivasaraghavachariar Swamy of Kumbakonam gifted to the Library 300 books and 80 palm-leaf manuscripts.

15 July 1949 - Swamy attains paramapadam

Sri Maharishi Vasudevachariar Swamy attains paramapadam.

01 August 1949 - Appoint New Manager

Sri U.Ve. P.S.Srinivasadesikachariar Swamy M.A.B.L. was appointed Manager.

 March 1953 - Jeeyar attained paramapadam

H.H. the 42nd Jeeyar attained Paramapadam.

10 July 1953 - Special Educational Officer

Sri T. Ramaswamy Iyengar took charge as Principal and Special Educational Officer of Sri Ahobila Math Educational Institutions.

09 April 1959 - Minister Visit

Hon. Minister M. Bakthavatsalam visits

22 January 1960 - Visit by Hajime Nakamura

Visit by Hajime Nakamura, Prof. of Sanskrit, Tokyo University, Japan.

17 April 1969 - Presentation

Presentation of welcome address to the Hon. Prime Minister of India, Srimathi Indira Gandhi at the College premises.

25 July 1970 - Birthday Celebration

Celebration of 61st Birthday of the Principal under the chairmanship of Sri U.Ve.Panditha Raja  D.T. Thathachariar Swamy

6 May 1972 - Affiliation granted

The University of Madras grants affiliation for Branch II, Vedanta-Visishtadvaita

02 February 1973 - Constructed First Floor

Gruhapravesam of newly constructed First floor by H.H. Mukkur Srimad Azhagiyasingar on the day of Tirunakshatram of H H 42nd Injimedu Srimad Azhagiyasingar. First floor was donated by Sri N D.  Bangur of Sri Magneeram Ramcoover Charitable Trust, Calcutta.

09 November 1988 - Iyengar Swamy attained Acharyan Tiruvadi

Sri U.Ve. T Ramaswamy Iyengar Swamy attained Acharyan Tiruvadi

30 March 2002 - Recognition

Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan New Delhi recognised the College as Adharsh Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya.

2004 to 2005 - Rivised the syllabus

From this academic year, the University of Madras has revised the syllabus of Sanskrit Siromani Course with seven years duration under 10+2+3+2 pattern under CBCS with Semester scheme. Prak-Siromani course – 2years, Sanskrit Siromani Madhyama (B.A.)-3 years and Sanskrit Siromani (M.A) -2 years. The University of Madras has included English, Hindi/Tamil and Computer Science in the curriculum as compulsory subjects for this 7 years’ course to meet present day needs and develop communication skills.

2005 - Former Prime Minister visited Mahavidyalaya

Former Prime Minister Sri H.D. Deve Gowda visited our Mahavidyalaya

15 July 2012 - Introduce New Scheme

Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan introduced Adarsh New Scheme for Funding the Sanskrit Mahavidyalayas under its umbrella.

Prof. D Prahladhachar, former Vice-Chancellor, Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan, took over as the Chairman of Adarsh Samskruta Mahavidyalaya for the next three years.

15 July 2012 - Appoint New Trustee

H.H. 45th Srimad Azhgiyasingar appointed Sri D.P.Kannan, Trustee, Sri Malolan Educational Trust as Secretary to manage the Adarsh Samskrit Mahavidyalaya (ASM). He was also appointed as the member, representing the Parent body.

28 January 2014 - One day National Seminar

One day National Seminar on Iswara Tatvam and Sripratyaya was held at the Seminar Hall.

21 November 2015 - New Chairman

Sri Dr. S. Padmanabhachariar, Prof.& Head, Dept. of Sanskrit, University of Madras and Srikaryam swamy of Sri Ahobila Math, was appointed as Chairman,  Governing Council, in place of Sri D. Prahladachar.

2016 - Sponsored by Rashtria Sanskrit Sansthan

Visishtavyakyana Mala (lecture series ) held 2016 sponsored by Rashtria Sanskrit Sansthan, New Delhi. Eminent Scholars gave lectures on Sahitya, Nyaya, Vyakarana,and Visishtadvaita Vedanta.

20th ,21st, and 22nd December 2016 - Three day National Seminar

20th ,21st, and 22nd December 2016, Three day National Seminar was held to commemorate Sri Ramanuja’s Sahasrabdhi(1000th Birth Anniversary) and start of year-long Mahavidyalaya’s Platinum Jubilee Celebrations

25th & 26th February 2017 - Two day National Seminar

Two day National Seminar on Samskara in Dharmasastra was held.

04 February 2018 - Platinum Jubilee celebrations

04.02.2018 Platinum Jubilee celebrations  of the Mahavidyalaya was held under the Presidentship of H H 46th Srimad Azhagiyasingar Srimathe Srivan Sathakopa Sri Ranganatha Yatheendra Mahadesikan. Chief Guest of the function was Sri K.Pandiarajan, Hon. Minister for Tamil Official Language, Tamil Culture and Archaeology, Govt. of Tamil Nadu. To commemorate, a stone plaque was opened by the Chief Guest. A commemorative Souvenir was also released by him.

03 December 2018 - National Seminar

A Three- Day National Seminar on Sri Vedanta Desika’s Literary Works was held to commemorate the Polymath’s 750th Birth anniversary.

14 June 2019 - Inauguration Ceremony

14th June, 2019 For the hostel, a new modern dormitory complex with bath, toilet and recreational facilities in the second floor of the College premises, named, “Srimathi Vimala Rangaswamy& Sri D.P.Rangaswamy Dormitory” donated by Sri D.P.Padmanaabhan in memory of his parents, was inaugurated by Srikaryam Swamy Sri Dr. Padmanabhachariar Swamy

01 December 2019 - Security Measures

As part of security measures, a cluster of 24 CCTV Surveillance Cameras were installed in the College premises Costing Rs.3lakh from the Campus Development Fund aided by Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan 

14 Dec 2019 to 21 Dec 2019 - Seven Day National Level Textual Workshop

 A Seven Day National Level Textual Workshop in Vyakarana, Siddhanta Kaumudi was held 

14 Feb 2020 to 15 Feb 2020 - Two day National Level Seminar

A Two-Day National Level Seminar on Sarva Sastreshu Pramana Vicharaha was held.

15 March 2020 - Covid -2019 Pandemic

The Mahavidyalaya was closed due to Lockdown announced by the Govt. of Tamil Nadu due to Covid-2019 Pandemic.

25 March 2020 - Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan

Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan has become Central Sanskrit University by an Act of Parliament

31 December 2020 - Online Classes

Ever since the Lockdown, the Students are taught online through SKYPE and other 3/4G media applications.

Launched the online teaching method through “Virtual Online Classroom Platform” using the Google Platform supplied by M/s Logic Research Laboratories, Kumbhakonam, Thanjavur Dt. Sri P.Srinivasan, DGM/BSNL had sponsored the project.

08 February 2021 - Re-open College and Hostel after Pandemic

College/Hostel was reopened after lifting the lockdown by the TN Govt.

23 March 2021 - Mahavidyalaya / Hostel is closed down

Mahavidyalaya/ Hostel is closed down until further advice due to rise in Pandemic

31 March 2021 - Website Inauguration

A website for the Mahavidyalaya developed by M/s Logic Research Lab. Kumbakonam, Thanjavur(Dt) TN612103

1st September 2021 - College/Hostel Reopened

College/Hostel reopened and started functioning from this day.

As per TN Govt advisory College/Hostel re-opened.