The Sanskrit College, being a residential one, a hostel was attached to it right from the inception in 1942. According to the needs of the time, the structure of the hostel too had undergone lots of changes from time to time. The Oriental High School was founded in 1952 and the School students also since then started sharing the hostel facility. The Hostel kitchen is being operated in the traditional orthodox manner without any compromise on the preparation of quality of food which is always satvic and cooked with utmost care.

Health Camps

A General Medical Practitioner attends to their health issues and periodic voluntary health camps are being conducted by private philanthropic Medical Institutions. Several well-wishers offer clothes to the students prior to Pongal and Deepavali festivals. Many donors host thadheeyaradhanams(feast) to the students. In July 2019, a green modern dormitory along with adequate bathing and toilet facilities was constructed in the second floor of the Campus. The students are provided with individual steel lockers to keep their personal belongings.

A glance of the student’s life in the campus in a day

The Students woke up daily in the early hours to learn Veda, Prabandha and study their lessons. After bath, apply the pundras as per their tradition, perform their morning ablutions like Sandhyavandana, Samithadhana, wash and dry their clothes. After the breakfast, they prepare themselves for attending the College/School. Before commencing their class studies at 9AM, all of them assemble in the Prayer Hall and chant prayers (Swamy Desikan’s Dasavathara Stotra), listen to the moral instructions and then disburse to their classes.

Lunch will be served in the noon and afternoon academic session will follow till 4PM. After some light refreshments, in the evening they engage themselves in playing indoor/outdoor games for a while. After evening Sandhyavandana, all will assemble to chant Sri Vishnusahasra nama stotra. After dinner, study the lessons taught on that day and retire to bed around 9PM after drinking a glass of milk. A Warden, assisted by some senior students, supervise all these activities.