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S.A.M. Oriental High School

His Holiness the 43 rd jeeyar of Sri Ahobila Math, Devanarvilagam Srimad Azhagiyasingar, Srimath paramahamsethyadi Srivan Sathakopa Sri Veeraraghava Sathakopa Yatheendra Mahadesikan, immediately assuming the pontificate in 1953, had planned vast schemes for the improvement of Sanskrit education. At that time, the Government of Tamil Nadu had re-organized Sanskrit education to suit modern conditions.

His Holiness started in 1953 a number of Sanskrit Schools on the re-organized pattern. Sri U.Ve.T.Ramaswamy Iyengar Swami, M.A.L.T, the Hon. Principal of the Sanskrit College, was a member of the re-organization Committee on Sanskrit Education. His Holiness obtained permission from the Government to use the services of Sri U.Ve. T. Ramaswamy Iyengar on foreign-service terms and appointed him Principal of the Sanskrit College and Special Educational Officer of Sri Ahobila Math, for the organization of Oriental High Schools, Veda, and Prabandha Pathasalas, in several places in the State.

Schools were started at Madurantakam, Mambalam, Kancheepuram, Uthiramerur, Padur, Vaduvur, Kumbakonam and Srirangam as feeders to the Sanskrit College at Madurantakam. Upon application, the Government of Madras granted recognition to the Oriental Schools maintained by Sri Ahobila Math vide their G.O. MS Education No. 1911 dated 23.07.1962.

The School has a good reputation with good teachers.

Sri Ahobila Math to the grant-in-aid scheme.

The Director of Public Instructions issued orders recognizing Oriental Schools at Madurantakam (22.6.1963), Mambalam, Padur, Vaduvur. The government accorded the teaching grant to the Madurantakam Oriental High
School on 15.4.1966 and admitted the Oriental Schools maintained by Sri Ahobila Math to the grant-in-aid scheme.

The School functions in the same campus as the Sanskrit College does and the inmates share the same Hostel facilities with free boarding, lodging and free education. The High School has classes from Standard Six to Standard Ten and follows Tamil Nadu Oriental School Education curriculum. The School has good reputation with good teachers. It used to have more than 100 students for several years and over the years the student strength started declining due to the poor patronage for Sanskrit education in the Tamil Nadu state. The students who pass out of the School are absorbed in the Sanskrit College Praksiromani course.

An Indigenous Pathasala

At present the students’ strength is 42. There are five teaching staff and four Non-Teaching ones. Efforts are being done to attract more students. The students are given Instruction not only in secular studies as prescribed in the curriculum but are also trained in spiritual studies.

In the early hours of the morning, the students are divided into batches, and are taught Vedas and Prabandhams. It is an indigenous pathasala of the Gurukula pattern where proper training is given to students. Their dress behaviour and mode of living, are all as the scriptures and Dharmasastras .

Teachers of the S.A.M. Oriental High School


- Headmaster


M.A.,(History) B.Ed
- B.T.Asst.


B.Lit. M.A.(Tamil), B.Ed
- Tamil Pandit


M.A.,(Sanskrit) B.Ed., Ph.D.
- Sanskrit Pandit


M.com.,M.Sc., M.A., B.Sc., B.Ed.,
- B.T.Asst.