The Library is equipped with 10,000 books spread over 18 subjects and rare Palm leaf Manuscripts. Books are fully cataloged.


This library is famous for its comprehensive coverage on Sanskrit Collection namely Vedas, Puranas, Upanishads, Dharmashastras, Yoga, Astrology, Vyakarna, Vaastu Shastra, Sahitya, Darshans, Paurohitya, Ayurveda, etc. Besides, collection on other subjects like Education, Philosophy, Psychology, Hindi, English and other contemporary discipline make this library a real treasure-trove of knowledge.

Rare Manuscripts

Palm-leaf manuscripts pertain to horoscopes, religious texts, snakebites, Ayurveda, and hymns. Most of the manuscripts are written in Tamil, Malayalam, Sanskrit, and Arabic.

A library is a place that is a repository of information. It’s a community space. It’s a place of safety, a haven from the world.